Meet Our Team

David Allen
  • Senior Pastor
Frances Allen
  • Senior Pastor
Jeri Kilpatrick
  • Associate Pastor/Christian Education Director/Music Minister/Media Producer
Ellen McFarland
  • OLCA and Church Secretary/Scooters Pioneer Club Teacher
Autumn Dyess
  • Light Source Youth Pastor/OLCA Principal/Media Assistant/Assistant Editor
Christina Manry
  • Children's Pastor
Michelle Conlay
  • Pioneer Club & Light Source Youth Sponsor
Larry Bush
  • Children's Ministry Teacher
Lynnette Walsworth
  • Pioneer Club & Light Source Sponsor & FOCUS Coordinator
Harlee Manry
  • Children's Ministry Teacher
Baylor McQuiddy
  • Light Source Youth Sponsor
Rebekah Dyess
  • Ignite Children's Ministry Teacher
Carolyn Guin
  • Sunday School Coordinator & Teacher
Patricia Bush
  • Women's Ministry Coordinator
Mark Babers
  • Sunday School Teacher
Adina Manry
  • Friends In Faith Coordinator (30-40 age group)
Marvin Lester
  • Head Usher & Elementary Sunday School Teacher
Peanut Walsworth
  • FOCUS Young Adult Pastor
Carmen Manry
  • Connect Correspondence Coordinator & Church Directory Admin & Nursery Coordinator
Perry Mobley
  • Sound Technition/Grounds
Gary Robertson
  • Head of Maintenance