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We are Family...Oasis of Love.. think about that name..Oasis..a Spring a deep well...of Love..what we all need and desire. We are so blessed to be a part of this church family. This year has been trying for all of us to say the least; as a family and as a nation. Now more than ever we need each other. Let us on purpose pray for our Pastors, Teachers and every person that walks in this building and Natchitoches Parish which is our mission field.

Who are we? We come from different walks of life and have had different life experiences. This is a picture of the body of Christ. The purpose of this blog is to connect with you and to let you know you are loved and cared about. 


Jeri Kilpatrick over 1 year ago

Yes! I love our church family!

Alisha Dyess over 1 year ago

We sure do love our church family.

Michelle Conlay over 1 year ago

Eddie & I love our church. I truly feel the spirit of God move every time we have services. I know without a doubt the spirit moves because of my fellow brothers & sisters in Christ allows God to be in our presence. We are so very blessed with an awesome church family. God has placed Bro. David & Sister Francis there to be our true leaders. I love our church family so much.

James Nelson over 1 year ago

A little over five years ago I was a new Christian, looking for a church that was alive with The Spirit of God, I traveled 3 hours to hear Loran Larson preach the Gospel. He directed me to Oasis and the Allen’s just 20 minutes from where I lived. I didn’t know how then, but I knew immediately it was God. I was welcomed with open arms. They quickly became my family when my family didn’t want me because of my past. When they found out I had a history of addiction and jail they said Praise God, come back! I know now it was God planting me where I could grow the best!

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