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Good Monday Morning. The fog was heavy on Cane River Lake this morning and the rays could hardly be seen, but I knew the light was there behind that heavy fog and any moment I would see the sun. It reminds me of some days we have in this life; some more foggy than others. And we know The Son wants to shine brightly in our lives as His mercies are new every morning. We are so blessed to have Jesus lead us in the way we should go and He does light our path if we look to him for direction.

Yesterday, in service, I looked out at the congregation and on each face I saw the grace and mercy of the Lord. I thought, Lord you are so amazing to bring us all together for such a time like this. While I couldn't call everyone by name, I knew the spirit of God was doing a work in all of our lives. We are Family. We are Connected. We care about each other. We are Oasis of Love Fellowship. 

If you didn't turn your Connection Card in yet, please do so when we gather again. Love to you all.

Read Philippians 1:6


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Jeri about 3 years ago

Oh, I love this! Beautifully written. I’m so excited about our future at Oasis of Love!

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