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This morning I woke up ealry...even before my alarm clocks. Yes, I said clocks. I have multiple.  I am not a morning guy, but I woke up and prayed a bit, did my normal routine then headed to the gym. As i was preparing to leave, I grabbed my phone to put on some music. I was scrolling through youtube and I saw a secular artist that I would always listen to when I was not in Christ. I also saw my favorite worship group. At the moment i felt a nudge in the spirit saying, "I have a choice on what I feed my spirit." I had not listened to that old favortie artist in forever and I had the urge to click on his music, but my desire to feed my spirit the things of God outweighed my desire to please my flesh. That was one of many small victories I will have today, choosing the things of God over the things of the world. You have a choice in what you do. God is not going to make you do anything.  The Holy Spirit will be there to remind you of what you should do, but will not force I ask today, what choices will you make? Righteous choices or worldly choices?  Have a blessed day!!!


Frances over 1 year ago

Every day we must make right choices. One day and one bad choice can quickly take us further back than we were when we started.

Jeri  Kilpatrick Jeri Kilpatrick over 1 year ago

Amen! It matters what we feed our spirit.

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